Trump Just Threatened to Revoke Licenses of All News Networks

President Trump just doubled down on his earlier attack on the First Amendment, now calling for the licenses of all network news to be “challenged and, if appropriate, revoked.”

This escalation is the latest volley in Trump’s assault on the free press.

“It’s frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write. And people should look into it,” Trump said to the media earlier today.

“With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!” Trump tweeted this morning.

Legal experts agree that Trump does not have the constitutional authority to revoke the licenses of networks even if he tried. Many have spoken out in defense of press freedom.
“It is contrary to this fundamental right for any government official to threaten the revocation of an FCC license simply because of a disagreement with the reporting of a journalist,” said Gordon Smith, chief executive of the National Association of Broadcasters.
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel responded even more simply, tweeting a link to an FCC fact sheet with the caption “Not how it works.”

Trump has been openly hostile towards the media, referring to all negative coverage of his administration as “fake news” on multiple occasions and even going so far as to label the media as the “enemy of the American people.”