Trump Cuts Funding To Combat Right-Wing Terrorism

President Donald Trump is blaming supposedly “Obstructionist Democrats” for allegedly playing politics with America’s security. But it may be just the opposite, as the Trump administration cut funding for grant groups focused on preventing or highlighting domestic, right-wing terrorist groups.

Trump logged into his Twitter account this morning to vent his frustrations with Democrats.

Trump claims that Democrats are stopping him from implementing higher security standards. Yet Trump’s Muslim ban, which was partially halted in the courts earlier this year, was an unconstitutional use of his power to prohibit individuals from entering the country based on their religious beliefs, not on any standard of whether they’d be a security risk or not.

The Supreme Court allowed limited implementation of that ban, and will review the case in the upcoming term.

It may be Trump, however, who is a danger to national security. His administration cut millions of dollars to grants for organizations that help in the fight to combat terrorism, including $400,000 to an organization called “Life After Hate,” which specifically combats right-wing terrorism, the Hill reported earlier this week.

The group seeks to help “radicalized individuals disengage from extremist movements and begin the process of deradicalization,” according to its official site.

The Trump administration also cut $900,000 to the University of North Carolina, funds that would have gone towards combatting recruitment for both jihadist groups and right-wing nationalist groups.

Trump took heat this week after he categorically dismissed right-wing hate groups that gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia. The groups allegedly came to protest the removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee, however, donning fascist and Confederate symbols, they soon clashed with counter-protesters who came to oppose them. Violence soon erupted, and culminated with the death of a young woman, who was hit by a vehicle that was purposely driven into a crowd of counter-protesters by a white nationalist. Nineteen others were injured in that attack.

Trump suggested that both sides, the violent white nationalists and those who came to protest them, were to blame for what happened. Trump also has yet to call the car attack in Virginia a terrorist event, although he did call a similar event in Spain, allegedly perpetrated by a Muslim attacker, as a terrorist attack.

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