Trump Cabinet member’s daughter shreds Trump: “Sit down and shut up you never-served piece of shit”

President Donald Trump sent guidelines to the Pentagon this week about how to enact a ban on transgender people in the military that he announced on Twitter last month, a move which has been met by massive resistance from lawmakers, veterans, and LGBTQ activists.

But Trump’s ban also received pushback from an unexpected place.

The daughter of one of Trump’s cabinet members, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, is a Navy veteran and was none too pleased with the ban.

“This man is a disgrace. I’ve tried to keep politics out of my social media feed as much as possible, but this is inexcusable,” Jennifer Detlefsen, a Navy diver and Zinke’s daughter, wrote on Instagram in July after the ban was announced. “This veteran says sit down and shut the fuck up, you know-nothing, never-served piece of shit.”

As the Billings Gazette, which broke the story, noted, Detlefsen used the hashtag #itmfa in her post, which is an acronym for “impeach the motherfucker already.” Detlefsen was reacting to an NPR story about Trump’s transgender military ban.

According to the Billings Gazette, Zinke mentioned his daughter frequently on the campaign trail for his successful reelection to the U.S. House of Representatives. After being reelected, Zinke was selected by Trump to lead the Department of the Interior, which is responsible for management and conservation of federal and public land. The Department of the Interior did not respond to questions about the matter, saying that “family members are not elected officials and deserve privacy and respect.”

Perhaps it is not so unexpected that such strong condemnation would come from the family of one of Trump’s inner circle, as his administration has been rife with infighting and a hyper-negative culture of fear that has led to near-constant shake up.