Thousands of Denver students stage walkout to protest Trump rescinding DACA

High school students in Denver joined dozens of protests in solidarity with undocumented immigrants taking place around the country after the Trump administration announced on Tuesday it was ending DACA.

According to a local CBS affiliate, as many as 7,000 high school students in Denver staged a walkout at 11:30 a.m., planning to gather at the Auraria Campus on the Tivoli Quad. School walkouts are planned across the U.S.

School officials across the city have said the size of the walkout could lead to a school shutdown for the day.

As the CBS affiliated noted, Governor John Hickenlooper and several Republican lawmakers in Colorado have called for an extension of the DACA program. The Denver students are expected to be joined by counterparts in New Mexico, US News reported, who have also organized a walkout in protest of the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda.

Students in Texas staged a walkout on Friday, as it became clear that Trump planned to end DACA. “We’re here for our parents,” students in immigrant-heavy Texas said on Friday.

Other protests in response to the action are taking place in areas with high immigrant populations and across the border in Mexico.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the administration was ending Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, an Obama-era program that offered work permits and protection from deportation to young immigrants who had entered the country during a certain time period without documentation as minors. The Trump administration was being threatened with a lawsuit by 10 GOP attorneys general if it did not end DACA, and Sessions said he didn’t believe the policy would survive a legal challenge. Sessions has a well-documented history of being hard on immigrants. He appeared giddy as he made the announcement during a press briefing on Tuesday morning.