School shooting reported at Washington high school

Spokane Public Schools just announced that a shooting has been reported at Freeman High School in Spokane, Washington. Freeman School District and south side Spokane School District schools are “being placed into modified lockdown as a precautionary measure.”

First responders are at the school now, with law enforcement radio channels adding that they were unsure whetehre it was a shooting or a stabbing. An automated warning repeated on their radio channels, saying “Freeman High School. Gunshots or stabbing. Stand back.”

A student who evacuated the high school said she heard “At least 4 shots.” The Mirror reported at least three people have been wounded. It is unknown if there have been any fatalities at this time.

Parents are currently waiting outside the building to see their children.


According to radio traffic, at least five ambulances and a helicopter have been summoned to the scene, which is still being classified as an “active shooter” situation.

This is a breaking news story. More updates will be published as details become available.

UPDATE: Respected freelance journalist Edward Lawrence reports that one person may have died, and the shooter has been arrested.