Roy Moore was removed from a case after he barred a lesbian from seeing her children unsupervised

Accused child molester and GOP senatorial hopeful Roy Moore once used his power as a circuit judge to separate a woman from her children because she was a lesbian.

Moore, an accused sexual predator of underaged girls who has made fighting homosexuals one of the main platforms of his campaign to protect “traditional marriage,” refused to recuse himself from a 1996 divorce case between Suzanne Scott Borden and her estranged husband. In a temporary ruling, he banned Borden from visiting her children without supervision, allowing the children to stay overnight, and being in the presence of Borden’s partner.

“The court strongly feels that the minor children will be detrimentally affected by the present lifestyle of [Mrs. Borden] who has engaged in a homosexual relationship during her marriage, forbidden both by the laws of the State of Alabama and the Laws of Nature,” Moore wrote in his ruling.
Alabama state laws criminalized same-sex conduct until a 2003 Supreme Court ruling overturned it. Moore, however, infamously enforced the law to an extreme degree.
“Homosexuality is against the law,” Moore said, according to court documents. “I can’t recuse, just because homosexuality is against the law.”
Moore’s respect for “the law” changed when he later served on Alabama’s Supreme Court. He was fired from the Court twice – once for refusing to remove a Ten Commandments statue from federal property and for refusing to honor the Supreme Court’s ruling allowing same-sex marriage nationwide.
Borden had to wait until 1997 for the Alabama Supreme Court to rule that her case be reheard without Moore. The case was reassigned and subsequently closed to the public.
“I think he abuses the law for his own advantage,” Borden’s attorneys told CNN. Borden herself did not respond to requests for comment. Her attorneys added:”He doesn’t follow the law if it suits him not to.”