Republican National Committee Cuts Financial Ties with Roy Moore

The Republican Party continued to distance itself from Senate candidate Roy Moore of Alabama on Tuesday after more allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced.

In the wake of a Washington Post story detailing how Moore initiated sexual contact with teenage girls, top Republicans┬ácalled for Moore to end his campaign as more details emerged. The Republican Senatorial Committee — which is the GOP’s Senate fundraising arm — cut off fundraising for Moore as his double-digit lead in the polls against Democrat Doug Jones has all but evaporated. Chairman of the Republican Senatorial Committee Cory Gardner has even said that if Moore does not withdraw and wins the December 12 election, the Party should expel him.

Now, the Republican National Committee has decided to pull out of a joint fundraising agreement with Moore, Politico reported.

The RNC, which had around 12 paid canvassers in Alabama working on Moore’s behalf, has canceled its field operations with just under a month until the election and will no longer commit any funding to the campaign. The Alabama state Republican Party has not yet withdrawn its support for Moore.

Moore and his campaign have repeatedly denied the allegations five women have now made against him as “fake news” and a political attack from liberals. The women say Moore pursued sexual contact or sexually assaulted them when he was an assistant district attorney in his early 30s and they were between 14-18 years old.

If Moore ends his campaign, Politico noted, his name would remain on the ballot because Alabama law states that candidates cannot remove their name from the ticket within 76 days of the election. Republicans have considered supporting a write-in campaign for Luther Strange, who was appointed to fill Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat when he was named US Attorney General. Strange had lost to Moore in the Republican primary.