New Jersey School Cop Grabs Teenage Girl By Her Hair and Slams Her [Watch]

A police officer in Orange, NJ was suspended pending an investigation after grabbing a teenage girl by her hair and throwing her to the ground during an incident that was caught on video Thursday.

Officer Hanifah Davis was trying to clear an area near Orange High School when he encountered sisters and Orange High students Nyasia and Kyasia Sorrells, who told an ABC affiliate they were getting pizza as the school day ended before returning to the school for band practice. Davis was speaking to Kyasia, but told her approaching sister to back up. He then wrestled both girls to the ground and restrained them. Nyasia ended up with a black eye.

“I was in the store but you can see through the glass, see him grab her and push her into the glass so I came out here like, what are you doing, and he pushed me. Then I got up and tried to get him off of her,” Nyasia said to reporters.

“He was pushing people and grabbing me and put me up against the pizza store and the glass, that’s how I got the black eye and then she came to see what was wrong and he grabbed her like this and dragged her,” Kyasia said.

The school community, including students and administrators, were not pleased with the incident of police brutality, ABC said, as protesters took to the streets on Friday to demand the charges faced by both sisters be dropped. A school board staff member was ticketed for trying to intervene during the incident.

Mayor Dwayne Warren said Davis had been “relieved of duty” pending an investigation into the incident. The sisters also claimed this wasn’t the first time Davis had harassed their family, noting that he stopped them the night before in an Uber ride they were talking with their mother.