LA Fires Just Destroyed Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch’s Home

Wildfires have burned thousands of acres across Southern California this week, particularly in the northern and western edges of Los Angeles.

Among the neighborhoods that has fallen victim to the blazes is the posh neighborhood of Bel Air, where executive chairman of 21st Century Fox and acting CEO of Fox News Rupert Murdoch bought a $30 million compound and vineyard in 2013.

Now, NBC and CBS are reporting that the wildfires have burned down the Australian media mogul and right-wing propagandist’s luxury estate. The property includes a house, guesthouse, office building, wine cave, and the 13-acre Moraga Vineyards — described as “the only commercial vineyard in Los Angeles.”

Needless to say, the damage caused by the wildfires is a tragedy, though some users on Twitter found coverage of Murdoch’s home in flames to be a matter of karma, given that Murdoch called climate change “alarmist nonsense.”

Meanwhile, the Union of Concerned Scientists have outlined how climate change has increased the intensity and frequency of wildfires in the Western U.S. This year saw a record-setting wildfire season in California

Murdoch, through Fox News, has supported the Trump administration to the extent that it’s become the unofficial mouthpiece of the White House. President Donald Trump has called Murdoch a “very good friend” and allegedly seeks counsel from the media mogul regularly.

Murdoch’s Fox News has also been subject to official investigations regarding sexual harassment and a number of its prominent staff have left their posts within the network due to the allegations.