Fox News shows clip of cars hitting protesters with caption: “Study the technique; it may prove useful”

Americans were horrified by last weekend’s terror attack on counter-protesters in Charlottesville, during which a vehicle ran over more than a dozen people and killed one woman.

But running over protesters has often been a wistful fantasy among conservatives, particularly after the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement. As of this writing, a Fox News site still features a January video compilation of cars driving through protesters, encouraging viewers to “Study the technique; it may prove useful in the next four years.”

The violent footage is set to a blissfully folksy cover of Ludacris’ “Move Bitch.”

The disturbing video can be viewed here:

The video was made during the first attempted implementation of President Trump’s now-failed Muslim travel ban, when outraged Americans were flooding airports and streets all over the country.

The Fox News aggregator site re-posted the video from Tucker Carlson’s site Daily Caller. The article featuring the video was written by a man whose current pinned tweet makes the claim “Palestinians haven’t advanced society one iota. Why do they deserve their homeland more than the Jews deserve the same?”

Meanwhile, lawmakers are doubling down on legislation that would reduce liabilities for drivers who hit protesters in the streets with their motor vehicles, according to reporting from The Intercept.