Fox News host blasts his own network for pushing ‘secret society’ conspiracy

Republican lawmakers and certain Fox News personalities have become obsessed with a memo by House Intelligence Committee Chairman and Republican Devin Nunes that allegedly details surveillance abuses by the FBI and the Department of Justice — which they now believe operate a “secret society” dedicated to undermining Trump.

The memo was drafted by Nunes’ staff and purports to show how the investigation into Russian involvement in the Trump campaign and the 2016 election. Democrats on the committee have called it a “misleading set of talking points” intended to undermine Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

On Thursday afternoon, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith joined the Democrats in dismissing the memo, calling out Congressional Republicans and others at Fox News who have pushed the false narrative in the process.

This is what he had to say about the memo while on air:

“Many who’ve seen the memo say it’s misleading, distracting and lacking context The memo itself is in the conservative discussion mix while the special counsel investigating Russian interference into our democracy is apparently about to interview the president of the United States while seeking to determine whether he’s colluded with the Russians or obstructed justice.

A memo can be a weapon of partisan mass distraction, especially at a pivotal moment in American democracy when it behooves the man in charge for supporters to believe the institutions can’t be trusted, the investigators are corrupt and the news media are liars. Context matters.”

Smith also slammed Nunes for the “PR” stunt that “was bogus,” considering Nunes had to temporarily recuse himself from the Russia investigation because he was involved in scheduling a secret meeting at the White House regarding intelligence reports.

“Remember, this began with Devin Nunes,” Smith said. “The same Devin Nunes who last year made White House surveillance claims, staged a rush to the White House to purportedly share surveillance information with the administration, but actually took information from the administration and staged a report of it.”

Watch Smith’s monologue in full below: