Founder of Florida’s largest megachurch accused of molesting 4-year-old

The founder of Florida’s largest mega-church has been accused of molesting a girl for years, beginning when the child was four years old.

Pastor Bob Coy, who founded Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale, allegedly forced the girl “to perform oral sex,” to “finger and fondle her,” make her touch his genitals and “dirty talk” to her, which lasted from when the girl was four years old until she was a teenager, the Miami New Times reported.

Coy — who once managed a strip club in Las Vegas and now helps manage Boca Raton’s Funky Biscuit — had resigned from the church in 2014 due to what he called a “moral failing,” believed to be related to a pornography addiction. During the matter, he divorced his wife and sold his house. Coy’s attorneys convinced a judge “with deep Republican ties” to seal Coy’s divorce file so that Calvary Chapel could avoid scrutiny.

And the problems at Calvary Chapel appear to have gone beyond just Coy. Since 2010, at least eight pastor, staff and volunteers in the Chapel’s network of churches have been charged with abusing children, the Miami New Times reported. Coy’s Chapel was also quite conservative and he preached that nonbelievers would all go to hell. He also ran gay conversion groups and campaigned in support of George W. Bush.

This may have played into why the accusations against Moore — documented by the Coral Springs Police — were in hand for months before an inquiry as done.

“The sexual assault claims, which have never before been divulged, raise new questions about the pastor, his church, and the police who handled the case,” The New Times said. “Documents show that Coral Springs cops sat on the accusations for months before dropping the inquiry without even interviewing Coy.”

When the Miami New Times approached Coy for an interview — at the Funky Biscuit club — he said he couldn’t speak on the record, and added a cryptic and possibly threatening remark:

“If you’re foolish enough to go through with this story… it would hurt a lot of people.”