DNC Donor Threatens to ‘Cut Money Off’ If the Party Moves Left

A wealthy Democratic donor has threatened to leave the party it goes “too far left” and continues to let its members criticize the rich.

Speaking to MSNBC, timeshare resort and casino magnate Stephen Cloobeck said it was “so f’n wrong” for Democrats to knock the socioeconomic class that stands to make huge gains under President Donald Trump’s tax plan, that benefits from a new kind of segregation caused by a wealth gap that is worse than that of Russia or Iran in a country still struggling with poverty exacerbated by the Great Recession, and that holds two-thirds of the nation’s wealth.

Cloobeck then name dropped members of national Democratic leadership — Schumer, Pelosi, etc. — saying that he told them if they used the term “billionaire” again, he was “done.” In other words, if the Democrats keep hurting Cloobeck’s feelings, he thinks he owns enough of the party that he can control the message.

“I’ve made it very clear, I’ll cut your money off,” he said. “We need a new brand.”

Cloobeck — baited by MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle– attacked progressives and supporters of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, two politicians who have done their part to go after big, predatory banks and billionaires to see themselves as gatekeepers of American politics. He said the party was “broken” and “insane.”

Ruhle cited a hypothetical scenario whereby the Democrats lose badly in this past Tuesday’s elections because their progressive message is too progressive.

Little did she know it would be a historic night for Democrats, sweeping statewide positions in Virginia and New Jersey and adding plenty of progressives to state legislatures and local government — including more than a dozen members of the Democratic Socialists of America — while proving that voters did not feel the same pain Cloobeck feels about the Democrats’ leftward trend.

For example, Lee Carter, a Marine Corps veteran and open socialist, ran as as Democrat and defeated the GOP Whip of the Republican-controlled Virginia Delegates yesterday, despite the Democratic Party largely abandoning him financially when they couldn’t curtail his messages on single-payer healthcare and opposing a natural gas pipeline.

Carter relied mostly on small donors and Democratically aligned groups — much in the same way Bernie Sanders challenged the well-connected Hillary Clinton.

If Cloobeck really wants to cut off the Democrats or leave the party, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be missed.