Democrats just scored a HUGE victory in one of the reddest states

Republicans just lost two state government seats to Democrats, bringing the total seats Democrats have successfully flipped since Donald Trump’s 2016 victory up to six. Democrats have outperformed the party’s 2016 presidential results in these races 25 times out of 35 special elections, according to Daily Kos.

This consistent improvement bodes ill for Republicans in the 2018 congressional elections, leading many experts to theorize that the Republicans could be in for a brutal pounding in the polls and could very well lose their national legislative majority.

Democrat Jacob Rosecrants of Oklahoma walloped Republican Scott Martin 60-40 for House District 46. Incredibly, Rosecrants lost the previous election by the exact same 60-40 margin.

Democrat Charlie St. Clair, also won tonight in New Hampshire by a margin of 56-44 in a district that was soundly won by Trump. Clair is the first Democrat to win this district since 2012.

Republicans have not flipped a single Democrat seat in any contested elections since the presidential election, with Democrats successfully holding difficult seats in six states.

“Turns out Donald Trump was right about one thing during his campaign — ‘We’re going to win so much,’” wrote Daily Kos’s political editor, Carolyn Fiddler. “Except he probably didn’t mean Democrats winning and over-performing in a ton of special elections since his election.”