A car just struck a crowd of counter-protesters at a pro-white rally in Charlottesville

One person was killed and several people were seriously injured Saturday when a car rammed its way through a crowd of people protesting the pro-white “unite the right” rally in Charlottesville, VA.

The white nationalist protest gathered racists, Nazis and other far-right groups to Charlottesville over the weekend, and anti-fascist protesters responded with a counter protest.

As the counter protesters were massing in the street for an anti-fascist march through town, a silver sedan floored the gas pedal, striking protesters and rear-ending another car — causing a chain of accidents — before backing out quickly. Several people were sent flying into the air or were pinned in between vehicles when the car, which had its windows tinted, struck the marchers.

Another angle of the attack shows the force and speed with which the vehicle struck the protesters and vehicles stopped as the marchers passed through.

Witnesses reported as many as 15-20 people injured by the sudden attack, and say the attack was intentional, based on the driver’s acceleration in and out of the crowd.

Images of the aftermath, including of first responders aiding the badly injured, were gruesome:

The attack comes as police declared a localĀ state of emergency in Charlottesville. The story continues to develop as injury totals rise. Law enforcement haveĀ announced they have the driver of the car in custody.

Here is another eyewitness view of the attack, which was meant to terrorize the people who came to protest the white nationalist rally:

Oddly enough, Republicans around the country, like in North Dakota, Tennessee and North Carolina are trying to pass legislation in their states that would protect drivers who strike protesters with their cars.