‘N*ggers have no value’: Cop secretly records police chief and leaks it

The former chief of police of Bordentown Township, NJ has been charged with hate crimes after using racial slurs in relation to black people and for assaulting a young suspect.

NBC reported that Frank Nucera Jr., the former police chief of the predominantly white small town outside Trenton, had been secretly recorded for months by one of his officers.

The officer recorded Nucera, who retired from his position in February, on a tirade about a black suspect he believed might have slashed the tires of a police cruiser.

“N—–s are like ISIS, they have no value,” Nucera told the officer secretly recording him.

The audio recordings captured numerous uses of racial slurs towards black people and according to a recently unsealed criminal complaint, Nucera also promoted the use of police dogs to intimidate black people at a high school basketball game and at an apartment complex with many black residents. Bordentown is only 9 percent black.

The criminal complaint that resulted in Nucera’s arrest centers on an event that took place in September 2016, when officers were called to a hotel after a black teenaged couple hadn’t paid for their room. The boy “tussled with officers,” NBC reported, which resulted in their pepper spraying him and calling for backup — which included Nucera. As the boy refused to continue to the police cruiser, Nucera slammed the boy’s head into a metal doorjam and hit him in the head when he complained.

The boy at first requested to go to the hospital after arriving at the police station, but later retracted that request, NBC said. The officer who recorded Nucera reported that Nucera then used racial slurs to discuss the couple and their family.

Nucera was arrested on hate crimes and civil rights violations — charges which carry a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison — but was released on $500,000 bond and ordered to give up his guns.